Pet Perils update

By Brian Garment, Katy, Kickstarter, Pet Perils, Ramp, Red Dog, Temple Grandin With 0 Comments
A quick explanation to our friends of the blog: we've been busy! While devastating, the losses of Katy of Shiva has instilled in us the commitment to use them to generate much good. Inspired by Katy's post-operative suffering caused by the much-despised cone, our canine surgical after-care garment recently was awarded a utility patent and is now under consideration for international production and distribution. When properly fitted and applied, it reduces - and in most cases eliminates - the need for the cone and the crate as standard post-surgical care. We are very excited!
In addition to that good stuff, we also have a new version of the "old school" ramp intended for all the dogs unable - or unwilling - to use one. Still under development and in patent-pending status, this innovation could revolutionize the way elderly, disabled and ramp-averse dogs are moved by their people. Validated by the scientific research of - among others - pioneering animal behaviorist and welfare advocate Dr. Temple Grandin, the functionality of this ramp eliminates fear of the "visual cliff" and removes much of the risk associated with changing elevations.
To aid in its development, our ramp will be the subject of a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign beginning later today. When we go live, a link will be posted here and all are asked to share, share, share - please support us in any way you can! Thank you!!